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gchomeDo you miss Grilled Cheese? I know I did. Keto is great, the benefits are plenty and the results are undeniable. Which is why the strict carb restrictions are worth it… but sometimes, sometimes you just want a grilled cheese. Or a tuna melt or ham & cheese sandwich or turkey club or some french toast… I can go on.

There are plenty of low carb bread alternatives but NOTHING comes close to real carbolicious bread like Great Low Carb Bread Company’s low carb bread!

Note: This bread is awesome and when you’re craving a carby sandwich its great BUT don’t over do it! Personally, I eat it (2 slices) about once a week, twice max and as early as possible, breakfast or lunch – dinner should always be light.



They have different types of breads, bagels, buns/rolls etc. Below is the nutritional information for the bread I eat the most.

Where to Buy


I’ve ordered from Netrition about 5 times now and they’ve always been great. For those that don’t know, they carry a lot of low carb products that are usually hard to find at your local stores.  They also have flat $5.99 shipping charge for the entire order within the contiguous 48 United States. You can order the bread directly from the Great Low Carb Bread Company (the prices of bread are the same) but they don’t have flat rate shipping.

I wish I could find these breads locally but I can’t 🙁 the closest store that carries it by me is about 200 miles away. Maybe you’ll have better luck, you can find their Store Locator page here.

Have you tried this bread? Please reply below, I’d love to hear what you think!

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Best Low Carb Bread

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