Simple Low Carb Meatballs

HE’s BACKKKKKKKKKKKK… He being me It’s been a while (SORRY), as soon as I get a chance I’d like to write a post about my absence but for now, let’s get to the FOOD! I’ve always liked meatballs but for

Bacon Weave Turkey Club

My bacon weave finally came out nice and tight and didn’t fall apart! I used this video. I used OvenGold Roasted Turkey Breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Simple and Delicious! Notes: My Publix bacon is usually too thin for my

Mexican Cauliflower Rice & Chicken

I have a history with cauliflower and it’s not very good. I’ve tried making cauliflower mash a few times and both times I had to throw it away because I couldn’t stand the taste. Even boiling it in chicken broth

Sausage & Zucchini Pasta

Ingredients Italian sausage 1 med to large zucchini Parmesan cheese butter/garlic powder Instructions Cut the sausage Cook the sausage (started on med high for browning and then to low and topped to cook all the way through) Spiral some zucchini

Carbquik Pizza

Ingredients 2 tsp yeast ⅓ c. warm water .5 tsp. sugar (necessary for yeast) 1 c. Carbquik (6 net carbs) ⅛ tsp baking soda Instructions Soften yeast in water and sugar, let sit for a few minutes. Add the mix

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