About Me

Starting Keto

My name is Fernando but most of my friends call me Nando.

I’m in my early thirties and I’m overweight. Good thing I’m already married aha.

I started Keto in June of 2013. By this time, two friends at work were already months into the diet. (They weren’t even doing it together.) We talked about the diet every now and then but I couldn’t believe the eat fat to lose fat logic they were talking so I just ignored them and enjoyed my fries. Until I noticed their weight loss. Again, I noticed their weight loss. They didn’t mention it or brag about it, I noticed it! That’s when the research started. And that’s all that really happened, research. I talked about it but never started. Until THAT day. The day I stepped on the scale and jumped off before I hit 300 lbs. When I finally got back on I was relieved to see I wasn’t 300 lbs… I was 299 lbs! Seriously?!? Yes 🙁

Later I found out the scale was messed up and added 3 extra pounds but still, 296 lbs is nothing to be proud of. Especially when I’m only 5’11 and should be around 180 lbs. Either way, that’s the day I decided to get serious about my weight loss and started on Keto.

I’ve had my ups and my downs but I stay strong and Keto on. This is my Keto journey.

Keto & I

I don’t consider myself a Keto guru or anything, I just post about how I personally do Keto. It may work for me but not for you or it may work for you but not for others.

I don’t track my carbs or my calories (I used to, when I first started). I don’t eat butter out of a tub. I don’t use Ketone Test Strips. I stay in Keto by making sure not to eat carby foods. And not just the obvious ones like bread and pasta – I research new food and I become carb aware. After a while it comes natural and Keto is no longer a diet but a lifestyle.

My Progress

First few months of Keto in 2013


March 2014 


August 2014
Wearing white is big deal for me so this was awesome.
I was pretty close to my lowest here (239lbs).


May 2015
Starting up Keto again, about 255lbs.


Sexy Me


Not So Sexy Me


About The Site

I’ve been creating websites since ’96, I’m a web developer at my 9 to 5 – this is what I do!

I started my Keto site on Tumblr with Do The Keto in 2013. I recently changed my name/site to The Keto Dude but the more I said it out loud the more douchey it sounded. I Do Keto is simple, to the point and it let’s me keep the site personal. I Do Keto is about ME and how I do Keto and hopefully MY experience/knowledge will help others.

Tumblr is awesome. The built in tags and community has helped me connect with so many like minded individuals (Keto and non). It’s free and it’s highly customizable but not THAT customizable lol. Like I said, I’m a webmaster – I need TOTAL control over my website dammit! With that said, I can’t give up Tumblr. The community there is invaluable.

I’ll be using both, this site and my Tumblr blog. This site will consist of all my original posts (which my Tumblr blog will link to of course) and my Tumblr blog will be where I participate with the Tumblr Keto community.

If you want to know anything else about me, drop me a comment below and I’ll make sure to reply!

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