My New Bulletproof Coffee Method

For those that don’t know, Bulletproof Coffee is awesome on Keto – it keeps you full and energized for hours while helping you burn fat 🙂 Bulletproof Coffee usually consists of coffee, unsalted butter & coconut oil (for MCT). If

Chocolate Chip Balls/Drops/Muffins

What was suppose to be Chocolate Chip Cookies became Chocolate Chip Balls/Drops/Muffins type thing… stiil tasted good but a bit too crumbly for my taste… it may have been the ingredient switch :/ i got the recipe from stilljenn when

BulletProof Coffee is AWESOME

It took me about 3 months to give it a shot and now I can’t start my work day without it. Seriously, last Friday, I woke up extra early to hit the store for some unsalted butter because I forgot

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay KETO Biscuits

Have you ever had Red Lobster’s biscuits? If you have, you know they’re the best biscuits EVER created. Ever thought they would be possible on Keto? I didn’t… Until I bought Carbquik! Carbquik is a GOD sent on Keto. Like

Keto Philly Cheese Steak

First off, Joseph’s Bakery Pita Breads are AWESOME! They taste great and only have 4g net carbs! Secondly, Steak’umms are also AWESOME. They ALSO taste great and have NO CARBS! I know a recipe isn’t really needed for a Philly Cheese

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