Grill Chicken Fajita Pita

I’m in love with home cooked chicken again!

Here’s my problem, I LOVE food. I love good tasting food. I used to only eat for flavor not for energy, I’m getting better at that BUT my food still needs to taste good!

I got extremely tired of the chicken I used to cook at home (a little bit of olive oil and seasoning) so I stopped cooking chicken at home lol. The wife is trying to keep us from eating out too much so she asked me to make her a chicken sandwich and whatever I wanted for myself so I took the plunge and made myself chicken.

I made her chicken the same way I used to make it since she likes it and I made mine different!

I cut up the chicken in thin slices and buttered a pan. I waited till it was all melted and added my chicken. I seasoned the top side with salt and pepper and let it cook for a few minutes. Then I flipped it and added some fajita seasoning. Cooked it a few more minutes and flipped it again, then I sprinkled some chili powder on it. Let it cook a little and flip it 1 last time just for a minute or so. Both sides were nice and colored by this time.

I tossed my favorite low carb pita in the empty but still hot pan for a minute or so on both sides just to give it some form and flavor. Then I cut the pita down the middle and slathered each half with guacamole. Then I sprinkled some salt and mexican cheese on the guacamole, then the chicken. Then some mixed lettuce on top of the chicken. OMFG that was good. I only wished I had a bit more guacamole AND some lime! So good!

You should find the Joseph’s Bakery Low Carb Pitas at your local grocery stores but if not you can get them online 😀

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Grill Chicken Fajita Pita
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