Bacon Weave Turkey Club

My bacon weave finally came out nice and tight and didn’t fall apart! I used this video. I used OvenGold Roasted Turkey Breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Simple and Delicious! Notes: My Publix bacon is usually too thin for my

Broccoli & Cheese Tacos

This is what happens when I stay home from work, I get creative 🙂 I’ve been using Joseph’s Middle East Bakery pita bread a lot lately, they’re just so damn useful! They’re 8 carbs total, 4 net and you can

Keto Cuban Sandwiches

Ingredients Ham pork swiss mayo mustard pickle (if you like them, I don’t) Instructions Heat up the ham a bit so it’s not cold (pork was warm) Layer it – I did ham, cheese, a little mayo/mustard, pork, cheese, more

Grill Chicken Fajita Pita

I’m in love with home cooked chicken again! Here’s my problem, I LOVE food. I love good tasting food. I used to only eat for flavor not for energy, I’m getting better at that BUT my food still needs to

Ham, Turkey, Salami and Cheese Wrap

Ingredients ½ cup of mild cheddar cheese deli meats veggies (lettuce, raw spinach, etc) mayo Instructions Spread the mild cheddar cheese on parchment paper, make it a rectangular shape. Top it with some bacon bits and green onions. Put it