Since my Pasta-less Pepperoni Lasagna post was such a hit last time, I wanted to share a better set of pictures and steps of the whole process 🙂


  1. Boil your chicken until you can pull it apart with a fork. Once shredded, mix it with your pasta sauce (I used Mezzetta Homemade-Style Marinara Pasta Sauce).
  2. Line your pan with pepperoni. I did 9 spots with about 2 slices each spot.
  3. Add some mozzarella cheese on the pepperoni, about ¼ cup.
  4. Add and spread the chicken with sauce.
  5. Add and spread some ricotta cheese, about ¼ cup.
  6. Add some more mozzarella cheese, about ¼ cup.
  7. Add another layer of pepperoni, 9 spots 2 slices each.
  8. Add the last layer of mozzarella cheese, about ½ cup.
  9. Put it in the oven at 400 F for like 15 minutes then BROIL for 3 minutes to toast up the cheese.

And that’s how I created 1 of my favorite Keto dishes EVER… I’ll try to wait a while a while before I post about this lasagna again lol maybe I’ll add some veggies… or bacon 😀

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Pasta-less Pepperoni Chicken Lasagna
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