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  • Italian sausage
  • 1 med to large zucchini
  • Parmesan cheese
  • butter/garlic powder


  • Cut the sausage
  • Cook the sausage (started on med high for browning and then to low and topped to cook all the way through)
  • Spiral some zucchini (I use something like this – you can usually find it at walmart/cvs/etc)
  • Remove sausage and butter/garlic power to sausage grease
  • Once butter is melted and mixed, add zucchini
  • Coat the zucchini in the juices thoroughly but not for every long, zucchini gets soft/mush extremely quick
  • Serve and top with Parmesan cheese


1 net carb per sausage link made me very happy!

When I melted the butter in the grease it was still set to low – so when I added the zucchini it was still on low. Meaning, I had to leave the zucchinis in there longer to actually cook them. (Which made them softer then I would’ve liked). Next time, I’ll turn up the heat about 30 seconds before I take out the sausage so the sausage can stay hot longer when I take them out and so I don’t have to leave the zucchinis in for so long.

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Sausage & Zucchini Pasta
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